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Taking responsibility

We are  aware that criminals have no boundries and that they can attack us at any moment. We also need to understand that the Police (SAPS) are unable to control the crime as statistics reveal this fact.

We have formed this organisations, so that we as neighbours can work together to protect ourselfves and each other. If we work together as one community we can make it very very difficult for criminals to have any success in any suburb. 

Where do we start?

Securing your home.

  • Make sure that you have proper perimiter protection:

This will include electric fencing.

Walls thick enough so that it will be difficult to brake in

Pallisades make your whole property visible, which is in it self a perventor as criminals can be easily seen on your property. Remember to bent pallisades are easy.

Set up beams that will warm you if an inturder is on the premises.

If you can afford it connect to a security company with armed responce.

Always make sure that your security provider has armed responce units.

Be aware work on your awareness.

  • We start by being aware of the movement of people in our street and area.

See what clothes a person is wearing.

Focus on shirt colour and the colour of the pants  they are  wearing.

Their body size,small, large, short, tall

  • Vehicles driving slowly in your street

Take the registration number of the vehicle

Colour and make of the vehicle

How many occupants in the vehicle


Get to know your neighbours

Get their phone numbers.

Get the numbers of your neighbourhood watch

Download Zello and connect to your local Zello CCC channel .